Choosing Your Microblading Artist

So What Should You Look for in a Microblading Artist?

  1. The brow artist should be a licensed tattoo artist in the State of Tennessee, trained and certified in permanent makeup or microblading.
  2. In the State of Tennessee, permanent cosmetics procedures cannot be performed in salons, nail spas, esthetician rooms or lash extensions parlors. Regulated facilities are inspected 4x per year and the inspection score must be displayed on the wall, along with the establishment permit designated as tattoo studio.
  3. The brow artist should have first aid and bloodborne pathogen training.
  4. You should be offered a consultation and sketch prior to your treatment. While you’re there, be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of the studio.
  5. The treatment room should look and smell clean. Artists should change their gloves frequently and disinfect all the surfaces between clients.
  6. The brow artist should ask health history questions in order to avoid any adverse reactions.
  7. Any clinic you choose should exclusively use single use blades. They should come in pre-sterilized, sealed packages and must be open in front of you.
  8. Sterile single use handles (that hold the blade) are best. If your artist says they reuse their microblading handle, then it should be sterilized using an autoclave.
  9. Brow artists should practice on latex skin and mannequins before practicing on family, friends or clients.
  10. Good brow artists will be continuously updated in their education in order to learn all techniques and offer the most natural looking brows.
  11. Look for healed results on someone who had the job done by the same artist. Most microblading jobs look great on pictures when newly done. However, healed results are a better indicator of skill. Look at the colors. Do they look nice with the client’s hair and skin color? Are the brows a good shape and size for the client’s face?
  12. Make sure that the brows the artist makes are the kind you like. Each artist will have his or her own style: manicured, messy, sparse and natural, dense, etc.
  13. Look for a brow artist who answers your questions and is confident discussing the microblading process. He or she should be willing to talk about his / her education and experience.
  14. Generally, the best microblading artists are booked. You may have to wait to see one, but waiting will be worth it.
  15. Not only does the artist need to be certified, but it takes a lot of time to get good at the craft, as well as the experience of working with the pigments on different skin types. Someone can advertise that they are offering microblading, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.
  16. Don´t trust someone who had a weekend training and started touching people´s faces on following Monday. Your face is going to represent you for a very long time and should never be put at risk. Cheaper artists and groupon deals may cost you a lot more if your brows need “fixing”.

Be careful when choosing your microblading artist. Estheticians, Cosmetology Professionals, Make-up artists, Nail Technicians or your “Lash Lady” are not allowed to perform microblading legally in Tennessee! In order to perform any kind of permanent cosmetics procedure the artist needs to be a licensed and certified tattoo artist. The studio must be inspected by the County Health Department every 3 months and score must be visible on the wall, together with the artist license and studio/parlor license, or the artist must work under a doctor.

There are many “artists” offering the service working under the radar, and if something goes wrong they got nothing to lose. Your face is worth way more than a great deal!

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