Training and Apprenticeship Pricing

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Training is available for beginner students. Class is designed to teach the students the fundamental of applying permanent make-up. Classes are individual, so the student will benefit from individual attention through the duration of the course.
Bea Robinson is a mentor, teacher, fully licensed and certified in South/North America as cosmetic/medical tattoo artist with 19 years in the industry. You can be assured of receiving the highest standard training on microblading, shadowing, ombre, cosmetic eyeliner, blushed lips and lips contour techniques. A certificate is awarded upon your completion of the course and passing the final written exam.

Microblading and Microshading Course:
10 weeks with online support 24/7 – Investment $4,000.00
Permanent Makeup Machine Techniques:
4 weeks with online support 24/7 –
Investment $4,000.00.
With your paid tuition of $4,000.00 you receive a Permanent Makeup or Microblading starter kit ($350.00 value)

There is enough supplies in your complimentary permanent cosmetic kit to perform permanent make-up procedure on 25 clients!

* Medical areola tattoo training can be added for only $600 extra!

Department of Health student/ apprentice fee ($140,00) is paid separately after training conclusion.
After passing written and practice test, you will be eligible to enroll in our Apprentice Program.
You will be able to bring your own models and get paid by them, at the same time you will get experience and will start building your own clientele.

Apprentice fee is $800 monthly for 1 year and you can shadow 2 full procedures per month or work on 2 models under supervision (school will provide the models for you).

Advanced Training Classes can be offered to professionals already licensed and working actively in the industry for at least one year. A exam will be applied to determine the perfect length and pricing, and your training will be custom tailored to fit your needs as permanent cosmetic artist

Apprendiceship details will be discussed between instructor and student after training process. If you didnĀ“t have classes with us but still need to have the apprenticeship process done, please contact us. Your case will be individually evaluated and maybe you can still be admitted in our program if you are eligible to fit in our standards.

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