Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from Permanent Cosmetics?

From the young to the elderly, who desire a natural enhancement to their appearance. Those who:

– Are into fashion and style.

– Active but care about appearance.

– Want to save time each day.

– Have to look their best in the professional world.

– Have sparse, or very light eyebrows.

– Are allergic to cosmetics.

– Have ultra-sensitive eyes.

– Wear contact lenses.

– Have sparse lashes.

– Have visual limitations.

– Have unsteady or arthritic hands.

– Often engage in strenuous activity.

– Entertainers, actresses and models.

– Want to look naturally beautiful, always.

– Want the convenience of make-up that won’t smudge, smear or wear off.

Does the procedure hurt?

This may vary according to each individual’s pain threshold, however, topical anesthetics are used to numb the area and minimize discomfort. Most people describe a mild pricking sensation.

Is it safe?

Allergic reactions to permanent cosmetic procedures are extremely rare. The cosmetic pigments are medical grade and made from completely natural ingredients, disposable sterile needles and surgical gloves are used for each procedure. However, micro-pigmentation is a skin invasive procedure.

Will my eyebrows look "natural"?

Yes, It will look more natural than your own conventional make-up. Unless you tell somebody you’ve had it applied, they’ll never know. Our method is based on “natural-looking” hair strokes for brows and looks like real hair.

How long does each procedure take?

Times vary according to the individual’s sensitivity, hydration, density, elasticity, and overall condition the skin. Allowing time for anesthetics to take effect, implanting of the pigment, and some final fine tuning of the procedure, average time for the initial visit is as follows: 2 + hours for eyeliner

1-2 hours for eyebrows or lip liner

2 + hours for full lip color

1-2 hours for areola or scars camouflage

How many appointments will be necessary?

6-8 weeks after the initial application, a follow-up visit may be required to perfect the lines or color. This visit does not require as much time as the initial procedure.
There is no additional charge for this visit or retouching if the customer comes back until 3 months after the first application. After expiration, a touch up fee will be charged.

Which procedures are offered?

– Eyebrows:

Eyebrows deserve special care because they are mainly responsible for the expression of a face. They are the frame of the eyes. In this context, eyebrows micropigmentation give a consistent definition with the shape and facial features. The color to be applied is determined according to each person and the method allows to correct failed eyebrows, no hair or only women interested in redesigning to an attractive and fashion shape.

– Eyeliner (top and/ or bottom):

The permanent make-up can work wonders in eyes. The technique allows, for example, that dim eyes become more expressive or very large eyes look smaller. You can also accentuate their shape through delineation, making them, for example, more or less almond-shaped.

– Lip liner and/ or full lip color:

In the region of the mouth, the permanent make-up seeks to give color and definition to lips, can get the effects of increase, decrease or even nullify differences between the upper and lower lips. The micro-pigmentation allows you to correct defects, to attenuate the marks of time, get a perfect alignment, and the effects of varying volume.

– Paramedical Micropigmentation

(Areolas design and color filler/ Scar Camouflage/ Cleft Lip Corrections/ Vitiligo

The technique of micropigmentation is defined as the implantation of pigment in the sub-epidermal layer of the skin with a pen shape device called demographer and properly needles. This technique has temporary stay (+ / – 3 years), requiring touch-ups when it begins fadding.

Today’s society is centered on a standard of beauty toward a structurally well-formed body, leading them to seek resources to which these standards are updated.

The breast can determine various cosmetic changes such as volume, shape, etc. … However, the breast carries with it the terrible scar. This is where the aesthetic medical micropigmentation offers a leading role, giving color and optical effect, but not determining local volume change. Besides purely aesthetic, plastic surgeons recommend another issue for micropigmentation: after surgical mastectomy. Breast cancer is the most prevalent among women in America, most cases require surgical treatment, leading to partial or total mastectomy depending on the spot and size of the tumor. When the mastectomy is required, breast reconstruction can bring back the volume and shape to the breasts, and to obtain color with natural shades, many surgeons suggest the micropigmentation as the most effective procedure with no patient trauma, and natural results.

The potential uses of micropigmentation in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery are virtually unlimited in many cases depending on the creativity of the professional and the pigment as well. Enhance the natural features of eyes, eyebrows, lips. Skin and scars camouflage, lips reshaping, after accidents or vitiligo coverage. All of this greatly improves self-esteem and self-image recovery. This job is artistic, extremely delicate and relatively inexpensive.

How much does permanent cosmetic make-up cost?

The average cost per procedure varies somewhat the time and technician expertise, but usually averages are between $550 and $800 including 1 or 2 touch ups.
Paramedical work is normally charged at $550 to $750 per hour.

The cost of the procedure should not be the most important issue when consulting a potential technician. Since what you are contemplating will be a semi-permanent application, the most important factors to consider are the training, skill, expertise and artistic ability of the technician!

Your face is a valued, rare and unique paint ready to be restored and has to be treated in a wisdom way as well.

Are Permanent Cosmetics truly permanent?

A variety of factors influence the longevity of Permanent Cosmetics.

Ultra-violet exposure from sun or tanning booths, various drugs, excessively dry skin, and smoking are all factors that may affect this. Alpha-hydroxy, Retin-A, and glycolic acids must be kept away from treated areas, All anti-aging products has this components in their formulations. These kinds of substances slough away top layers of the skin and eventually the layer that the pigment has been implanted into. Use of these kinds of substances will require additional maintenance in years to come. Sunblock on eyebrows, sunglasses for eyeliner, and SPF on lips will greatly prolong the effective life of these procedures.

A restricted diet can make the pigments fade faster.

The best way to remain pigmented with a nice and vibrant color is retouching each 18 months or when the color becomes faded.

How does the Permanent Makeup look immediately after the procedure done?

Colors will appear darker and somewhat unnatural for the first few days, but then lighten to a completely natural look during the following few weeks.
Pigment colors can be soft and natural looking, or a bit more dramatic.
If desired, your end result may be deepened with additional applications, or lightened slightly.

Which is the method applied to define the correct permanent makeup for a customer?

There are very few people throughout the world who use “Visagism” as standard protocol/ method. The purpose of visagism is to correct and harmonize a face by applying the correct makeup. This is where we find the whole point of cosmetology, which is simply the art of sublime beauty in the light of facial morphology.
According to the person’s face, to look at the details of his face, it is possible to deeply understand your personality. It takes a good facial color and symmetry to achieve a harmonious result of the face. Symmetry is the recipe for facial beauty is linked to traits symmetrical proportion. People with a symmetrical face are also perceived as more beautiful.
The term emerged in the late 30’s and is derived from a word which in French means “face”. The technique provides a means for personal image custom work, valuing their own characteristics, following the principle that each individual has its own beauty. Visage is therefore the art of creating a self-image, revealing internal and external qualities of a person, on the basis of visual language, harmony and aesthetics.

How is the first permanent make-up consultation?

As you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to complete a consent form. Inside the office you will talk to the permanent make-up professional about your expectations, then your face/ body will be measured and the technician will draw your brows (or eyeliner, lip liner, areolas) with a regular pencil. Professional and Client will then work together in front of a mirror until both agree on shape. A custom color will be blended to achieve the harmony between your hair and skin tones. The wonderful thing about permanent make-up is that you will see the entire process before we actually apply the pigments permanently. Once agreed, we schedule the micropigmentation procedure or maybe go ahead accordingly to the professional time availability. In the case of a lip treatment, if you tend to be subject to herpes (also called herpes simplex vs1 virus) it would be advisable to see your doctor for a prescription of Zovirax/Acyclovir pills or ointment 7 days before, as the procedure could stimulate a cold sore outbreak.
When you have decided to go ahead with the treatment and made an appointment, you will be required to pay $50.00 in advance which will be redeemed against the total cost of the treatment. If you were to cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before, you would lose your deposit.
Pictures will be taken before and after treatment for record purposes. Also, anesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the area for 20 minutes prior to reduce any potential discomfort and in most cases making it absolutely pain free.

It is not hard to see the importance of the work of visagism on the field of permanent make-up. The face is the identity of a person. Any change in this area is able to substantially alter their sense of identity. So it is very important that the micropigmentation professional is well aware about the lines, shapes, colors and other elements of the image, expression and most likely how they affect people emotionally and psychologically. It is important to know which image best suits to the moment of the client´s life.

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