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Become a Licensed Permanent Make-up Technician in Tennessee

There are many routes to become a permanent make-up or micropigmentation practitioner and usually include classes, training programs, apprenticeships, or a combination of all. Training programs vary in length from 2-5 days to several weeks or longer. Permanent makeup artistry may be practiced by estheticians, nurses, physicians, and rarely by regular tattoo artists. It is recommended that prospective permanent make-up artists follow up the initial classes and training period with proper apprenticeship or train under an experienced permanent cosmetics practitioner and instructor from several months to a year.

Permanent make-up concept means: cosmetically applying pigmentation to resemble makeup on the skin of the face, eyelids, eyebrows, lips, and sometimes the cheeks. People may choose to undergo this procedure for a variety of reasons. Some may have eyebrow pigmentation applied to replace natural eyebrows lost due to alopecia or chemotherapy. Permanent make-up may disguise scars, white spots from vitiligo or even camouflage cliff lips scars, beyond defining the shape of the lips itself. Micropigmentation may be a choice for those suffering from allergies to traditional make-up or a vision impairment which prevents application of conventional make-up. Permanent makeup can also restore color to the breast areola after mastectomy.

Although procedures are frequently performed outside the tattoo parlor, permanent make-up artists are held to similar standards as tattoo artists. There are many risks involved in micropigmentation, including scarring, allergies, and undesirable cosmetic results. Licensing requirements to become a permanent make-up artist vary according to different state laws. Certification in the United States is available through two organizations that seek to professionalize and standardize the industry.

Choice of instructor can affect the decision to become a permanent make-up artist. Ideally, an instructor should have a good combination of experience in the industry and teaching experience. Instructors should also take continuing education classes at least once a year to ensure that he/she has knowledge of the latest techniques and can develop new ones as well.

Seeking a permanent make-up technician career in Tennessee is a little exhausting and the possibilities are limited, considering that you need to be a licensed tattoo artist, even if you are not willing to work in a studio or tattoo shop in the future. The Department of Health requires 1-2 years of apprenticeship and you need to have it under a tattoo artist licensed for at least 3 years (not exactly permanent make-up artist).

Bea Robinson developed a complete Permanent Make-up Practitioner Career Program. Initially the student gets the theory on colorimetry, sanitation, visagism and facial art techniques and studies the anatomy of the skin to understand all the process about implanting pigments to get good results. Classes are individual (1 to 1 only) to make sure that all information provided will be properly applied. After that, the student will practice in synthetic cyber skin, mix pigments, learn how to shape eyebrows and make sketches. At the next level, all the training will be done on live models (real people), totally under supervision.

We know for sure that people cannot become a permanent make-up artist in 40 hours training. The perfection of this art comes with focus and practice seriously taken. That´s why our goal is providing a custom permanent make-up apprenticeship that will fit your needs and be managed according to your own schedule. We don´t want you to seek apprenticeship under a tattoo artist, once you will not get the proper orientation to grow up professionally in the cosmetic industry.

Our Apprenticeship program is 100% hands on. We are the only legit place where you can learn and master the art in one year in order to get the best results when you start your own business. Yes, we are dedicated to share 19 years of knowlegde and make you the best craft master in your area. You will be able to work on real models performing real work and automatically build your own clientele. You success is our success! You will get continuous training in a way that you will master the art.

If you want to find a tattoo parlor in order to pay a monthly fee, never practice and get your papers to start working in the industry after a year, we are not a good fit for you.

Our company is based on ethics and professionalism and we would never take your money just to make you a licensed professional in the field.

Touching people´s faces is a very serious job and our mission is to help people to master the art of permanent make-up techniques in the state of Tennessee.


Smart Touch Skin Solutions Permanent Makeup training program with Bea Robinson was a life changing experience. I have been looking into the PM field for a couple years and I just so happened to come across Bea Robinson. She was more than willing to answer all my questions and provide me with a clear explanation of her training program. I knew immediately when I met her, my training was going to be what I was looking for. Bea is not only advanced in her knowledge in PM, but she is so kind and patient every step of the way. Since I am a single mom of 6 children, she was very flexible with my class schedule. Not only do I feel like I got exceptional training from Bea, but I feel like I make a life long friend. I am now moving to NC to practice PM with a plastic surgeon doing 3D areolas for breast cancer survivors. The training I received has developed a confidence that I would have not gotten anywhere else. I feel like I can become a well establish PM artist because of Bea’s guidance and exceptional training program. There are no other programs like hers in TN. Most programs are only a few days, which is not enough time to learn the profession. Bea personalized my training to fit my schedule and educated me thoroughly with important information on client/technician basis about safety and how to provide natural looking, client specific techniques. I am forever grateful for her ability to help me reach my goals in becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist. I now feel confident that I will be able to provide for my family and I can help my clients feel wonderful about themselves. Thank you Bea! You are a master at your profession and an angel in my life. Blessings!

Jodie Coppedge

“Bea is a wonderful and through educator. She is with you step by step. Her passion comes through everything she does. As a student I feel confident in the skill she has given me. I would recommend her to everyone interested in pursuing permanent make-up!”
-Jessica Polk

“I couldn´t have found a better trainer/teacher. She is very open about performing these procedures on clients and very good showing me exactly what I need to know to do on my clients in the future. She is real and I don´t have any doubts about my training. If I have questions she gives me direct answers. I am so glad I found Bea!”
-Kendra Pinter

I have been doing nails for more than 10 years and attending to different schools to get my license in Seattle and Tennessee. I was incredibly unsure of what to expect when taking a training course in microblading at this institute. But I can say that it’s been a pleasure training with Ms. Beatriz Robinson at Smart Touch Skin Solutions. I am consistently impressed with all her knowledge and skills. With great contents and perfect usability wherever I practice her unique techniques. It’s the kind of training that I want to tell everyone about it and I know for sure no matter where you apply these techniques, it will produce amazing fruit! Thank you miss Bea!
-Love, Julie (Thu) Luong.

I contacted Smart Touch Skin Solutions about becoming an apprentice in order to become a licensed tattoo artist specializing in permanent cosmetics. Although I had been performing permanent cosmetics procedures for 10+ years. Bea still taught me many new techniques. I am excited to see how the new techniques and procedures I have learned will help my business grow
– Donna Meichelle Knoblock
Lasting Impressions Permanent Cosmetics, Cookeville, TN

-Kristin A. Beard, Skin PH Owner

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